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The Kenwood KSC-WA62RC is about the smallest powered subwoofer you will find.  It uses a 5 1/4" active woofer to power a 6 1/2" passive woofer producing a 100W max output.  It came with all the wiring needed to hook it up to my factory cd via speaker-level connections.  It also has RCA inputs should you want to go that route.  There is a wired remote included which i've found to be needless once the desired turn-over frequency and phase are selected  The bass control on my HU is more easily accessible and produces better results.  For example, say I'm playing something with very strong bass...i'd probably turn my bass control to about 1/4 or lower...the woox is still pounding nice clear bass AND my other speakers are not being cluttered and stressed with unwanted lows.  It also works the other way, if i'm playing something with little to no bass, I can turn the bass control way up thus getting some extra bass from the woox and not worrying about the midrange speakers because this is the type of bass they can handle.


The installation aspect of the woox was probably the biggest seller.  No way was I giving up my trunk area to a custom box.  There is a stock and aftermarket sub designed specifically for the center console but it's cavernous-like storage space was too valuable to give up as well.  Other than some of the costly "stealth subwoofer" installs i've seen, under the driver's seat was about the last place left.  Originally I thought I would be removing the seat and drilling 8 holes into the "uneven" chassis to mount it.  Then I thought I would just use some heavy duty mounting tape.  Finally, mostly due to laziness, I ended up using some industrial type velcro I had laying around.  This turned out to be the best bet.  Purely because of the fact that I can pull the whole thing out in an instant.  This is necessary when I have a 4th passenger behind the driver's seat and VERY necessary when I get caught in the rain without my rear windows (or top down).  Sure the location is fairly resistant to the rain as it's falling but the problem is water WILL collect in the areas under and behind the front seats.


*UPDATE*  Well, i've since removed this subwoofer.  One of the woofers cracked slightly and it didn't sound as clean as it once did.  Because of that, it seemed pointless to put it back in after I pulled it out (during rain with windows out).  I recently made the removal permanent by taking out all the wiring while I had the dash apart to install my sony head unit and xact satellite radio.  It was nice while it lasted, but until I find a sub for my center console i'm not bumpin' much these days.