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head unit & satellite radio

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  However, I wasn't able to locate a reasonably priced used stock cd player.  Weeks were turning to months and I was getting evermore infuriated with having only the local radio stations to listen to.  So I knew an aftermarket unit was the only choice.  There are actually a few out there that are made to fit chrysler's huge radio opening but they costed more than I wanted to pay.  I needed something cheap.  Something that I wouldn't worry about having stolen.  I would just have to deal with the gap around the sides.  I found a $100 sony cd player with everything I was looking for including a front auxiliary input (for my satellite radio or anything else I may want to plug into it in the future)

  It's the sony cdx-gt100.  It puts out a respectful 52 watts x 4, has a detachable face plate, a subwoofer preamp output (should I ever need it), and yes that front auxiliary input I was looking for.
  I ordered metra's install kit.  It's made of quality abs plastic and allows you to fine tune the depth of the radio.  I bought a wire harness so I wouldn't have to splice my factory wiring.
  It was a pretty standard install.  I did all my wire connections and fine tuned the depth the night before.  The next day I pulled the old head unit out and plugged the new one in.  I dremeled a small notch in the lower right hand corner of the install plate to allow for the wire I would be running from the aux-in to the line-out of my satellite radio.

Satellite Radio
  I decided to go buck-wild and pick up a plug-and-play satellite radio while I was at it.  I have to admit, Howard Stern's move to Sirius satellite radio initially got me interested.  Since I've had it for a couple weeks though, I can't believe I waited this long for it.  I'm constantly hearing songs that I had long since forgotten about.  It has really re-invented car audio for me.  What's also nice is that I can take this with me when I'm working.  I'm often a few hours out of town in a company vehicle with next to nothing to listen to on the radio...until now. 
  It's a $50 Xact "visor" model.  I liked it's price, look and the fact that the display can be flipped upside-down.

  I mounted it onto the ashtray with industrial velcro (with some silicone for good measure).  The unit is so light, it stays put just fine there.  I mounted the antenna on the center of the sport bar under the rollbar padding and ran the wire under the padding, under the moulding next to the driver's seat, up under the dash to behind the glove box.  I tapped into the cigarette lighter wiring and made a 2nd cigarette lighter outlet behind the glove box.  *I would strongly recommend this method.  I tried splicing the power cord every which way and using radio scrap parts with negative results....stick to the power cord that came with the radio!  I ran the wire from the aux-in on my HU to behind the glove box as well.  You may have noticed I ran all 3 satellite radio wires (antenna, power, line-out) to behind the glove box.  This was so I could take up their slack and secure them with zip ties and then run them cleanly out the left hand side of the glove box to the unit.