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dash speakers
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I decided to go with 5 1/4" Pioneer 3-ways.  I figured the extra highs up front would compliment the midrange and bass I had in the soundbar.  It was a fairly easy install.  The speaker mounted to the plate and the plate mounted to the vehicle.  The directions with the adaptor plates mentioned a support bar on each side which needed to be removed.  I was happy to find they didn't exist on an '02 model, so no cutting necessary.



The sound was rounded out nicely now.  Alot of people have talked about surrounding these speakers with polyfill.  That's supposed to eliminate backwave and give a purer sound.  I decided against this knowing I would be behind the dash again to install additional accessories.  I wanted to keep that area as "clean" and unobstructed as possible.  Not to mention I was too lazy to go buy a bag of pillow stuffing.

Update:  After noticing a rattling sound coming from inside the right half of the dash I decided it was probably related to vibrations caused by the speaker.  I installed an XTC slimline speaker baffle behind each of the front speakers and also used cushion tape between the adaptor plates and the frame. 
I've definately noticed clearer and louder treble thanks to the baffles, but most importantly the unwanted noise seems to be gone.