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rear tow hooks

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As you can see in the picture to the left, there's already one 1/2" hole (lowest hole).  All I had to do was drill a 2nd hole to the upper left on each side (not pictured).  I hit the new holes with a shot of black spray paint to help prevent any rusting.

Threading and tightening the nuts can be sort of tricky considering there is an opening about 1" x 2" on the underside of the frame through which you must insert the washers, nuts, and a wrench.  The passengers side is especially challenging because the tailpipe is right in the way.  I used pliers to get the washers onto the bolts and I used duct tape on the edges of the nuts to make sure they stayed inside of the box wrench.  If they were to fall into the frame, retrieving them wouldn't be very fun if possible at all.


*UPDATE*  I've moved on to D-shackles in the rear instead of these tow hooks.  They served me well while I ran them but they were in the way of the frame tie-ins that came with my rear bumper/tire carrier.