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floor liners
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Lurk around the Jeep bulletin boards long enough and you'll find one name synonymous with floor liners.  Husky.  They're molded to fit perfectly.  There's a continuous 2 1/2" lip around them that keeps water, mud, muck, or whatever from touching nothing but these patented rubberized liners.


The one thing I did like about my stock mats was the hook that kept mine from sliding around.  This was something I'd always had a problem with and was worried the Huskies might meet that same fate.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  Underneath, they are covered in "sta-put nibs" which work quite well.  Husky liners are pricey but worth it.  I just wish they made a set that fit the rear floor WITH cupholders.

Update: these have held up great...but like most jeepers, i've started caring less about my carpet as the years go by.  It's been soaked with water and/or mud many a time and temporarily REMOVING my Husky liners was the best route because wet carpet doesn't dry very quickly under a piece of heavy duty plastic.  In the near future, I will be pulling out the carpet altogether and applying Herculiner to the tub.  Damn, a couple years ago, I never would have thought it.