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body lift

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Believe it or not, the hardest part of this install was finding a nice level surface to work on.  Once I found a spot I popped the hood, unbolted the courtesy light and turned it upside down (which turns it off).  I then slid the radiator overfill bottle out of it's slot so that I could access the 2 fan shroud bolts on that side.  I took all 4 fan shroud bolts out and let the fan shroud hang loose.  Next I loosened all 11 body mount bolts.  An extension was necessary for the 2 near the upper rear shocks, a small extension was helpful for the two below the rear bumper.  I now removed the 5 bolts on the driver's side
I used the stock bottle jack on top of a cinder block to lift up the driver's side.  Using a piece of wood between the jack and the body channel (between the door and the rear fender flare) I slowly raised the tub up until I could fit all 5 pucks on top of the stock mounts.  The toughest one to insert was the one near the upper rear shock.  I then lowered the body back down and loosely inserted the 5 new, longer bolts.  I repeated this on the other side and then put in the front puck. 
While I was up at the front now, I pulled out the stock grill supports.  Since I hadn't tightened down that front puck yet there was plenty of give allowing me to easily squeeze in the new, longer grill supports (I liberally applied grease to the nipples prior).  Now, I couldn't find a way to get them all the way in without possibly damaging something.  So, since they were snug, I decided to leave them like that hoping that after a few days of driving they would work their way in.  They did.  Lastly, I tightened down all 11 bolts to my best judgment making sure not to over-do it.
Doing a body lift is easy.  After finding a level surface to work on, the toughest part was inserting the new grill supports.  Since I was doing a motor mount lift at the same time I didn't need to install the transfer case shifter relocation bracket and didn't need to drill 4 new holes to lower the fan shroud.  The nice thing about the JKS pucks is that they have edges which allow them to basically self-center themselves on top of the stock mounts.  I got a great deal on this kit from Bob Supplee in Oklahoma City (405) 799-8977.

raising the driver's side of the tub

raising the passenger's side of the tub

(notice the black JKS spacers in the 2 pictures above)