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bike rack
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The company was Swagman, and I ordered it online.  As mentioned, it mounts onto the spare with the use of a backing plate.  I wanted this type because not only does it seem like a more secure fit than one that relies on straps and gravity, it can be locked to the vehicle.  The clamp plates are also lockable.



So far, it has served me well.  No rattles and no stolen bikes.  The plastic washer on the T handle did wear out after only a couple months, and I learned quickly to not open the tailgate when 3 bikes are on (or you'll never get it closed).  Considering I don't have a hitch, this was the rack for me.  The only better option would have been a hitch mounted type, they are just as secure and some fit up to 4 bikes.  Well, maybe when I get that rear bumper with an incorporated hitch i've been eyeing.

Update/WARNING!    being that this was my first "mod",  i had no knowledge of the issues surrounding jeep tailgates.  They just aren't built to hold alot of weight, i guess not being able to close the tailgate when 3 bikes were loaded should have been my first hint.  After learning more, I found that mounting a 33" or larger spare onto the stock tailgate is a roll-of-the-dice move sometimes resulting in major damage, and almost always resulting in tweaked/damaged/mishaped tailgates.  That is why, like most others, i will be buying a new bumper/tire carrier when money allows.  I do still use this bike rack, because i have no other choice...but i will ONLY mount 1 bike on it...and NEVER drive over rough terrain with it.  Unless you're never going to mount a spare tire any larger than a 225/75 AND not drive over rough terrain AND rarely haul more than 1 bike a hitch mounted bike rack is definately the best option.