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front bumper end caps (removal)

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Now, over a year later, my opinion has totally changed.  Maybe i've just been brain-washed from seeing countless pictures of people's rigs and just about none of them with the endcaps but i'll be snookered!...I actually like the look!  Removing the endcaps gives the front end a more aggressive look (you can see more tire) and frees up a little more room for disconnecting the swaybar.

I've decided to leave the rear bumper endcaps on for now.  They seem to blend in with the body better than the ones up front.  Also, they provide a little extra protection for those vulnerable rear corners.  To this point,  my only real trail damage (other than a few chips and scratches) has been to the rear passenger's side corner.  I was negotiating a treacherous trench (for a stocker anyways) when I hastily threw it into reverse and banged right into a wall of dirt.  That endcap took the impact and probably prevented a direct hit to the body and rear flare.  It was easily fixed by loosening the torx screws, pulling it back into place, and retightening.