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I chose a stereo shop in the area for the job.  All in all, the total price was more than I would have liked.  However, I figured a one time payment for a quality alarm and installation wouldn't kill me.
I have been happy with the alarm.  The field disturbance sensor works like a charm.  I told the installers to set the sensitivity low.  I haven't had a false alarm yet.  It also works well when the top is down.  It will warning chirp if you put your hand inside, and it will go off if you leave it there.

Update:  Well, first off, don't bother installing the little push-rod sensor onto the rear was only a matter of time until a case of beer or a cooler broke that right off.  Second, my "warning chirp" when someone or something enters the jeep's "perimeters"  doesn't work anymore.  Now, it will just go into full blown annoying siren if it senses a disturbance for long enough.  Other than that, it still works fine after a couple years.  As long as it goes off when a door is opened, and it doesn't false alarm I will continue to be happy.