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headlight bezels (painting)

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I say "chrome", but these bezels are actually plastic.  To remove them, there are three t15 torx screws a piece.  I had to tug fairly hard to pull mine out.  Reason being, there was a small plastic tab on each one that had to harmlessly be broken off in order for them to come out. I then sanded them down with 400 grit sandpaper.  This stuff is so fine it was hard to tell they'd been sanded at all.


Before painting, I thoroughly washed them with soap and water.  Next, I sprayed them with 1 thin coat of Rustoleum's plastic primer.  After a few hours I sprayed on 2 coats of Rustoleum flat black paint.  After a day or so I sprayed on an additional 2 coats of the flat black.  Reinstalling was simple now that those pesky plastic tabs were gone.