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anti-swaybar quick disconnects

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There are several quick disconnect or "disco" products on the market.  Most ranging around $100.  They're probably the best bet because of ease of operation and adaptability to various lift heights.  However, if you're a "poor man" like me and don't have a lift over two inches there's a $7 (or less) option.  All parts can be had at your local Lowe's.  They are:
2   7/16" x 2 1/2" univeral clevis pins
2   heavy duty hitch pin clips
8   7/16" washers



You need a t55 torx socket and a wrench to remove the existing hardware.  Replace that with a clevis pin with a couple washers on each side and fasten with a hitch pin clip.  When I disconnect I use the 2 nylon fasteners that came with the jeep (for securing the side-bars to the floor when folding down the windshield).  On each side I simply pull the swaybar link forward and run the nylon fastener thru the handy slits in the frame then around the link and pull it tight.  I've also heard of people using zip-ties.

*NOTE:  After using these for a couple months I have found them to be a pain in the arse.  They are nearly impossible to get tight without the jeep being perfectly level.  When not tight, the metal sleeve inside starts to work it's way out.  If you do get them tight they still rattle.  So, until I get a decent pair of disconnects, I have gone back to the original hardware.  When I know i'll be disconnecting i'll be sure to have a ratchet, socket, and wrench.