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soundbar speakers
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The install wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped.  These particular 6 1/2's would not bolt directly in.  However, I found that the mounting plates they came with would.  So, I screwed in the plates then installed the speakers onto those.  The only problem was, doing it this way didn't allow the grilles to be fitted on.  I decided to live with this and have actually come to like the look of the solid white speakers against the black soundbar.



They really do make a difference.  They're clearer and they actually bump a little bass.  I almost paid the extra $50 for the Kappa series and I'm glad I didn't.  The swiveling tweeters on these are an excellent feature for this application.  Soundbar speakers are almost directly above the front seats.  Sometimes it can seem like you're only listening to the left soundbar speaker.  Swiveling the tweeters to fire towards the rear of the vehicle helps to negate this.  Upgrading to more powerful speakers in the dash also helps.