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badges (removal)

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I used a hair dryer to remove the 'wrangler' decals one letter at a time.  First, I heated it up.  Then I used a credit card to lift up an edge in order to peel it off.  *Note: You may want to use a credit card (or something similar) that you DON'T care about.  The heat bent all the corners up on one I actually do use.  Now it doesn't work at the 'quick pay' gas pumps.  Doh!  (I'm not just a 'poor-man', i'm also a 'lazy man')


If you ask me, it's a "Jeep."  If you want to get technical, it's a "TJ."  In canada, they actually come with "TJ" (not wrangler) badges.  I kept the decals on the embossed "Jeep", but that was it.  The 'wrangler' badges were history.  If I would have had 'sport', 'x', 'willys', 'tomb-raider', or anything else, they would have said hello to mr. hair dryer as well.  Now, if you look at either side of my jeep and may just think you were looking at a CJ.  The ones that started it all.