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front differential guard

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  I thought about a full cover replacement (crane/rockcrusher/bluetorchfab), but realistically those costed too much for me.  So I considered the Warn cover and probably would have went with it, had I not stumbled upon Nate's 4x4
  Unlike Warn's, these are never going to be accused of trapping mud & debris.  The "cage" is made of 3/8" steel rod and in my opinion they just looked plain mean.  When It arrived I was not dissapointed. 
  I painted it at the same time I did my rear bumper & tire carrier.  A few coats of self-etching primer, and a few coats of satin black. 

  I bought 10 new, longer diff bolts (5/16" x 1").  When I went to install, I found it can be tricky to line up the diff cover (with a bead of rtv on it) AND the guard in order to insert the bolts.  This guard is relatively heavy and long story short, I ended up smearing the rtv after a couple failed attempts at fitting everything on.  No damage done, but next time I think i'll go with one of those lube-locker gaskets or at least install the diff plate and let the rtv set up before installing the guard.