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lower control arm skid plates


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  There are bolt-on lca skids out there, but they hang lower and cost considerably more.  I searched around for companies that sold the weld-on types.  I went with Currie's 3/16" skids. 
  After test fitting them, I found they made unwanted contact with the lower control arm.  Some TJ's have lower control arm joints that protrude below the mount and some do not (mine did).  I also believe Currie's skids are geared more towards aftermarket control arms.  This is good because they fit closer and tighter to the mount, thus 'boxing" it in and making it stronger.  However, since I still run stock lca's (that protruded), I was going to have to remove some of that extra metal.  My trusty dremel and a few cut-off discs made short work of that. 

before & after trimming

The rest was just a matter of spray painting the backs (to combat rust), having them welded on, then hitting the fronts with some spray paint as well.