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oil pan skid plate


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  If you drive a 4 cylinder TJ, you know there aren't many oil pan-specific skid plates available.  With the I-6, there are several dandy oil pan skids that bolt up nice and clean, but us 4 bangers are left with few options.
  One is a full engine skid.  I wasn't much interested in this.  I can't really explain why, other than I foresaw unwanted rattling and limited clearance.  The other option is Turbo City's "rock-it" oil pan skid.  This 1/8" skid is adheared to the oil pan rather than bolted.  I figured since this was about the only option for my 2.5 litre (under $100), I would order it.
  Well, Turbo City isn't real clear about stating these oil pan skids will only work with those with rearward facing drain plugs.  Since mine (as well as a million other TJ owners) has the drain plug on the side, it would not fit. 
  I decided rather than send it back, I would just modify it a bit so it would fit.  Then have it welded on, along with my lca skids.

  This skid plate really was NOT designed for my particular oil pan.  I would not call what I needed to do "slight modification", like the representative I emailed described. 
  To make things simple, I'll describe the fabbing which led to the end result and leave out the huge chunk of time I spent test-fitting and cutting away at this thing using the trial-and-error method.
  • The plate which hugged the passenger's side of the oil pan (with the drain plug) was removed completely and discarded.
  • Approximately 1.5" was removed from the front lip to make clearance for the exhaust tubing.
  • That same piece of metal was shortened to about the same length of the plate which hugs the driver's side of the oil pan then welded where the passenger's side plate used to be. 
  • Although it was welded on towards the front, a cutout still needed to be made in order to make clearance for the drain plug.
  • Lastly, a notch had to be made in the bottom of the skid where it curves upwards, also to make room for the drain plug and it's oil flow (when draining it)


  I smoothed out the cuts with my dremel and applied an industrial enamel to the exposed edges.
  Next, I scuffed up the area that would be making contact with the oil pan and applied plenty of rtv, I decided to use jb weld on the side plates.


  I cleaned the oil pan with brake cleaner and fit the skid where I wanted it.  I then used my bottle jack to hold the skid in place, letting it sit overnight for good measure.


  Although it seems to be on there pretty good, I plan on having a portion of each side plate welded to the oil pan.  I just don't trust having it mounted with adhesives alone.