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CB setup


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  There isn't much room in a jeep to mount a cb.  I wanted mine out of the way and somewhat out of sight for theft reasons.  The Cobra wx st fit the bill.  All the controls are in the handset and the guts of the system can be mounted behind the dash. 


  One of my concerns was the handset's cord.  I wanted it to be snug and not slap against my leg all the time.  So I mounted the connector box behind the dash under the steering column and ran the cord from there.  While I had that panel off, I drilled a couple holes in it and installed the microphone hanger.

the connector box

  In order to power it up I connected to the fuse box.  This was due mostly to sheer laziness and the fact that I didn't have any extra wire (of the correct gauge) laying around.  *NOTE*  Connecting both the power and ground wires directly to the battery is the best bet in order to avoid the possibility of electrical noise. 
  I drilled a hole into the metal strap to the left of the fuse box and bolted down the ground wire with a ring terminal.  Then I connected the power wire into the empty subwoofer fuse slot with a spade-tongue terminal.   


  Deciding to sacrafice some signal strength for a less visable antenna, I went with a 3' fiberglass antenna.  I also installed a quick disconnect to make removal a cinch.


  I knew I wanted to mount it onto the spare tire carrier.  I had planned on using a 'mirror mount' bracket for this.  After I got it, I realized it was much too wide to fit between the spare tire and the tailgate.  So I ended up finding a piece of metal that seemed like the right width, it was actually some sort of a lever I found in a scrap yard.  I drilled a top hole, 2 mounting holes, bent it, and cut the excess off.  (i should have just went this route in the first place) 


  I went with firestik's 'fire-flex' coax.  This is 18 feet of rg-58 cable with a fire-ring connector that makes a clean connection with the antenna mount.  The best part about this coax is that the other end twists on and off.  This means you can squeeze it into spaces a standard coax would not go.  Thanks to this, I was able to fit it through the tailgate without having to enlarge the hole.  I routed it under the carpet, along the tailgate sill, and down the driver's side of the tub along with the rest of the wiring.  The 18 feet was just enough with about 6 inches to spare. 


  I haven't picked up an SWR meter to tune everything yet.  The speaker seems decent enough for now, but I see why so many people mount external ones.  The weather band is surprisingly entertaining, especially while stuck in traffic.  This cb will definately serve it's main purpose.  Trail communication.