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Specialized Rockhopper

I made the leap to front suspension with the purchase of my Specialized Rockhopper.  It's the A1 comp version which meant upgraded components, fatter tires, and that hard-to-miss polished aluminum frame.  Another first for me were the V-brakes.  They really put effortless stopping power in your fingertips.  The biggest overall improvement was the weight of the bike.  It was whole new riding experience, and check out those sweet yellow-walls!


R.I.P....reflectors - Get outta heeya!
R.I.P....steel pedals w/toeclips - Took it up a notch with clipless pedals.  Kore G.A.S.S.  They are terrible!  Unless you LIKE falling down attached to the bike every time you stop.
R.I.P....Kore G.A.S.S. pedals - Ditched those pieces for a quality clipless pedal.  Time ATAC.  They're a joy to use, confident clip in/out EVERY time.
R.I.P....Cannondale saddlebag - Simply lost it.  Got a Trek bag.
R.I.P....Specialized Team Control front tire - Sidewall tear (always make sure those brake pads are lined up).  Had an extra Panaracer Dart II lying around.
R.I.P....stock cranks Left crank was loose beyond remedy (always make sure those crank bolts are tight).  Replaced the whole thing with a Shimano LX crankset.
R.I.P....Shimano front deraileur - Low-grade quality, just didn't last.  Upgraded to a Shimano XT.
R.I.P....stock bottom bracket - Again, not the best quality.  Installed a Race-Face BB.
R.I.P....Blackburn Mtn Stik mini pump - An internal piece broke rendering it useless.  Bought a Specialized Airforce 4.
R.I.P....stock wheelset - The front was missing bearings, the rear was missing spokes.  Replaced with Sun Big Mammoth Fat rims (30mm wide) laced to LX hubs w/silent clutch.  I used the 8-speed Shimano cassette from the Durango and put on some Michelin rim bands.
R.I.P....Panaracer Dart II front tire - I had to put some fat tires on these new fat rims.  Replaced with a WTB Moto-Raptor 2.1/kevlar.
R.I.P....Specialized Team Control rear tire - Replaced with a IRC Mythos XC 2.1/kevlar.
R.I.P....LX rear deraileur - Bent and bashed.  Replaced with the XT from the Durango.
R.I.P....Gripshift 600 rear deraileur cable - Frayed to hell, replaced with a Sram power-line cable.
R.I.P....stock chain - I actually can't believe it's lasted THIS long.  Replaced with a Sram PC-68 with the convenient power-link connector.
R.I.P....Specialized evolution saddle - It was time to move up to the quality craftsmanship of a Selle Italia Flite.
R.I.P....stock saddle bolt - sheared in half during a ride, damn that could have been REAL bad!
R.I.P....Specialized Airforce 4 pump - this thing was a POS since day one, got a Topeak mini master blaster dx.
R.I.P....Trek saddlebag - got a nice used Topeak bag that holds more crap.
R.I.P....RaceFace bottom bracket - had been creaking for over a year, replaced with Shimano UN 72 (68/113).
R.I.P....Gripshift 600 front deraileur cable - frayed and was too short since switching to a top-pull, replaced with a basic Shimano cable.
R.I.P....stock grips - i loved these grips but I mistakingly cut them up to install a pair of Onza bar ends which I ended up taking off after one ride, replaced with WTB grips which are soft like the stocks were.
R.I.P....more brake pads, inner-tubes, patches, profanities, and power bars than I care to recall.